Intuitive Channel

About Channeling

Channeling is all about making a connection that will open your heart, mind and soul to seeing your world in a new way. Messages from your guides and cosmic families are a pathway to raising your vibration and consciousness, resulting in a better understanding of your singular and collective experience and how to best navigate the changes and challenges you are currently facing.

Channeling is process of vibrational match. Micheila enters a trance state, moves her mind aside and raises her energy. The most appropriate guides and beings that match your intentions will perceive that energy and begin matching frequencies. Beings make contact with a channel's soul and then information flows into consciousness. So, your guides are using Micheila's body, voice, hands, eyes and energy to translate messages. There is direct interaction and communication between the beings present and the person or people receiving the messages. Messages are translated in words and concepts that are available and familiar to Micheila; but the vibration present is always energetically working behind the words to make the most significant impact.

Channeled messages are not designed to take away your suffering or current life struggle.  Having a channeled session does not mean everything will come simply, that you can relax and do nothing, or that all of your problems will be solved. You are still responsible for making physical decisions, and taking inspired action. You will receive this inspiration from your Guides in many forms, both verbal and vibrational.

If you are looking for a prediction or yes/no answer, channeling may not be the right tool for you. Higher vibrational beings will always encourage you to make your own free will choice, rather than giving a definitive yes or no or asking you to blindly follow what they tell you to do. They are here to provide the insights and wisdom you need to support your decision making and creative process. So, you will find that if you are plagued by a difficult relationship, for example, you may learn why this relationship is showing up in your life, the karmic lessons playing out or how to approach decisions from a place of integrity. But they will rarely say you must leave the relationship or whether this partner will leave you. This is because there are infinite potentials that exist in the universe and we are vibrational beings, always changing and expanding. Your loving guides relay messages designed to uplift you to become even more self-sufficient, rather than blindly following what they say without questioning. Their respect for your sovereignty is paramount. And they provide a vision that your higher self knows, expanding potential in all areas of your life.

Channeled messages are designed to bring greater meaning to the situations, experiences, challenges and relationships you find yourself in. They will help you to better trust and rely on your inner guidance, love yourself more and clarify your life path. You will find that many of the answers you needed, are ones that you already knew, and are confirmed by communication with your guides in a loving, expansive and intimate experience.

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