Intuitive Channel

Laura Hirsh, Author, Publisher and Contributing Author at Team TMR - Nevada, United States

I have been a bit of connoisseur of mediums, card readers, healers, and all things metaphysical over the past decade. I even wrote three books containing channeled messages. I have had two sessions with Micheila, and have to say that she is the real deal, and is right up there with the best of the best. She is so clear and accurate, it literally blew me away. I was practically speechless after our first session. I was given such beautiful, inspiring information that gave me answers and helped nudge me back on my path.

Lori Ann Spagna, Best Selling Author - United States

Sitting with Micheila is more than just a reading, or a healing or divine guidance…it is an experience which transcends the physical. The combination of the transformational energy, wisdom, guidance and insights she channels is truly life changing. The benefits of what I personally received during my session time with Micheila are beyond measure and will continue to serve, support and assist me well into my future.

Mark Romero, Internationally Known Vibrational Sound Healer - California, United States

Micheila has an extraordinary gift and ability to present powerful transformational information that can provide clarity, understanding, and perspective on your life and it's unfolding. Her ability to tune into higher levels of information is amazing. In my session, I received wonderful pieces of wisdom that helped me to gain clarity on paths to take in the unfolding of my life's work. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking to expand their awareness and move their life forward!


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