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In April 2015, a potent, energetic transmission began streaming through Micheila. She was asked to capture every word as it would become the cornerstone of her mission to support humanity through a very challenging transition on planet Earth. As a trance channel, Micheila received a prominent and undeniable notification of each incoming message. The vibration would build, becoming stronger and more intense until she translated a spontaneously delivered, internal memo from the astral realm. After an extensive process of decoding these messages, she is still astounded by their significance to humanity’s current plight of ascension. The result of these loving interactions is a channeled account of the origins of Earth, seeding of mankind and how human creation was taken off-course of a beautifully-orchestrated, sovereign design. ‘Epitiaum, The Anthology of Creation’ brings to life the story of many cherished beings who, excited at the notion of serving a novel planet, came together to lend their DNA to seeding a brand new race. Along the way, you receive detailed information about the process of creation, nuances of the human genome and power of our energy fields.

Micheila offers a podcast-style book reading twice a month on the platforms listed below. You can catch up on past episodes and submit questions for future readings here:

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