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In April 2015, a potent, energetic transmission began streaming through Micheila. She was asked to capture every word as it would become the cornerstone of her mission to support humanity through a very challenging transition on planet Earth.

It was not unusual for Micheila to be visited by individual guides who now identify as part of a collective assembled for the intention of sharing this anthology. Dedicating chapters and paragraphs to specific beings quickly became overwhelming and unnecessary. Throughout the years, she has experienced a distinct blending of their voices into one.

As a trance channel, Micheila received a prominent and undeniable notification of each incoming message. The vibration would build, becoming stronger and more intense until she translated a spontaneously delivered, internal memo from the astral realm. After an extensive process of decoding these messages, she is still astounded by their significance to humanity’s current plight of ascension.

The result of these loving interactions is a channeled account of the origins of Earth, seeding of mankind, and how human creation was taken off-course of a beautifully-orchestrated, sovereign design.

The book brings to life the story of many cherished beings who, excited at the notion of serving a novel planet, came together to lend their DNA to seeding a brand new race. Along the way, we receive detailed information about the process of creation, nuances of the human genome and power of our energy fields. You will find a personal road map to reinstate the purity of your cosmic ancestry, becoming the hybrid-God or Goddess you were always meant to be.

You will learn how your cosmic families view concepts like karma, density, dimension, ascension, the spiral of time, the Akashic records and unity consciousness. Some of the most challenging spiritual concepts are distilled to simple daily practices and modern examples.

You will be surprised to find some of the greatest ancient mysteries revealed throughout this text, including definitions of God, Source and Christ. You will learn about the soul’s journey through its many incarnations, receive translations of universal law, understand the secrets behind the pyramids and marvel at how evolution takes place throughout the entire cosmos. Incredible stories are shared about ancient civilizations, technologies and spiritual practices.

A significant solar event resulting in reptilian interference with humanity’s Divine plan is described in detail in this transmission. Suggestions are offered as to how to restore humanity’s original blueprint and rise above the reptilian distortions that have become blatantly transparent over the past several years.

More important, key codes are embedded within each passage to expand consciousness, leading you to deep healing and intimate self-knowing. The quantum vibration within this channeling rearranges itself to your personal life and present moment reality. Each time you interact with it, you are offered new gifts and astonishingly purposeful messages.

As her final editing process came to a close, Micheila requested a unique title that would capture the meaning and harmonic resonance of the entire transmission. She was offered the word, Epitiaum (Epi-Tie-Ohm), meaning the Source of All Creation. Epitiaum is derived from an ancient Arcturian language. Epiti is the universal center point from which all things connect and aum is the original sound that permeates through the center of all things.

There is a vibrational rhythm that is present throughout this work; a unique codex that is harmonic in nature. Micheila invites you to interact with it as you are tuned to the original sound present at the time of human creation; a love-based frequency able to awaken the truth of who you are. You might even awaken your own seeder lineage and recall your reason for reincarnating on Earth at this auspicious moment in human history.

Lightworkers around the globe are gathering online and in their local communities to study this potent transmission. The book is currently available free of charge on Micheila’s website when you join an Inner Circle Community. Simply click on the Community tab and search your zip code for groups near you.

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